Eran Friedman

Dir. Strategy & Communications

Eran brings a wealth of global strategy experience both at the agency level as a senior planner with Ogilvy and Mathers as well as with Grey. He also brings rich experience as a political campaigner in Israel (Ariel Sharon 2004) as well as several successful campaigns in Eastern Europe.

Doron Tsrulnik

Dir. Digital Storytelling

Doron oozes talent, humor and personality. He lights up a room with presence and leads a set with a firm, inspiring and steady hand. He is a talented basket-ball player with supreme court vision and a knack for making the big play at the right time. Besides all of that, he has worked with some of the country’s leading brands, creating memorable commercials and viral content.

Christopher Marley

Dir. Strategic Partnerships

Christopher is our main man in Berlin. An experienced market and business Intelligence analyst with deep insights into global consumer trends and innovative marketing technologies. Originally from Liverpool, where he attained a Bachelor's degree in Digital Broadcasting & Media Systems from John Moores University.

Sigal Arie

Programme Strategist

Sigal brings a background in scientific research and science education, having started her career in R&D of curriculums for private and public education in the U.S and Israel. She is also an active artist and curator. With Brandalism she develops curated cultural events for municipalities, organizations and institutions.